Directing Reel 2020

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bitter is better
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Film Writing Credits:

(Also Listed on IMDB)

"Over The Hill"

-A dramedy about struggling artists living in the san Fernando valley


"Don't Yell for Help"

-A suspense thriller about the everyday fear women have about being assaulted

"Pointless Hello"

- A dark comedy about the end of the world. And a relationship

" Two Girls One City"

- A sketch comedy web series with two girls in LA that incorporates 

commercials, songs and jingles as part of the show. 


- A comedy about getting headshots done in LA and how it's never good enough

"Bad Advice with Hairstylists"

- A sketch comedy about salon clients always talking to their hairstylists like they're therapists. 

"Bitter is Better"

A short comedy about a bitter girl that moves into a new apartment complex and her nosey neighbors

 Sketch comedy episodes that I've written and produced: