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Most recently wrote and directed this suspense short film about the everyday fear women experience thinking about being abducted

Don't Yell For Help


Articles published for Discover LA, Art by Nature and Ink Spired

Published Articles 

A one page pitch for a half hour comedy pilot:  "Over the Hill"

One Page Pitch

The first short film I directed. This film was about the prejudice against African American women with natural hair in the workplace.

Hairy Decisions

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A country music album for Candice Blue, and also few songs and jingles for short films and sketch comedy commercials projects. 

Song Writing

Film Writing Credits:

(Also Listed on IMDB)

"Over The Hill"

-A dramedy about struggling artists living in the san Fernando valley


"Don't Yell for Help"

-A suspense thriller about the everyday fear women have about being assaulted

"Pointless Hello"

- A dark comedy about the end of the world. And a relationship

" Two Girls One City"

- A sketch comedy web series with two girls in LA that incorporates 

commercials, songs and jingles as part of the show. 


- A comedy about getting headshots done in LA and how it's never good enough

"Bad Advice with Hairstylists"

- A sketch comedy about salon clients always talking to their hairstylists like they're therapists. 

"Bitter is Better"

A short comedy about a bitter girl that moves into a new apartment complex and her nosey neighbors

Here are some sketch comedy episodes that I've written and produced: