HI! I'm an actress and film maker. I've starred in commercials for Adidas and Verizon and have done a variety of work including exploding on 1000 Ways To Die, baring it all on Master Chef with Gordon Ramsay and some actual real acting in a few great indi films too! ... along with getting half naked and dying in other horror films! I have also performed stand up comedy around LA making fun of all these experiences. 

When I'm not acting I'm writing and creating my own content. I have written a dozen short films half of which I've been lucky enough to make into films. I've also written two sitcom pilots and there's a couple feature screenplays on the way. 


I'm currently working on a sketch comedy web series incorporating fake commercials with real jingles and gender bending televangelist mini show within a show. Yes it gets weird folks!

 My goal is to continue writing and making films both in the comedy and suspense/ horror genres. And Ideally combine the two! Then money will pour from the sky like warm rain as I continue to live a creative life. At least that's whats on my vision board.